Alicia Photography [BTS] , 12th April 2011

Went for photoshooting again
And yes with Alicia again for her assignment.
Man, their teacher is one weird guy and his taste also very abstract.
A very hard person to please. 

But it's okay.
I love photoshooting. XD
I mean it's rare to go for 1 right? So when the chance come, i'll just take it.
Exhilarating but very tiring too actually. 

Woke up at 4.30am that day and starts to walk to Shasha's house to get ready
It was raining in the morning so the shooting went later than we expected.

Putrajaya Bridge

One of the bridge in Putrajaya

Eric and Adrian

Random artsy picture I took. :P

Alicia ♥♥♥

Me and Shasha♥.. I look so old matured here.. orz

hahahahaha.. irritated look

enjoying the sceneries

Emo shasha~

They always say my pics look different from my real person.
Here, a picture that shows my REAL chubbiness.
oh lol


Second venue
Putrajaya Lake Stadium
I'm sorry, I don't know the exact name
Second time here actually. Last one was for my first shooting. :P

And I don't care if these pics cant fit my blog layout.
It's too beautiful to be in small size pictures!

Maybe next time can picnic right here in the morning. So cooling and nice..


I'm glowing.. oh lol

Y i hold my uke terbalik!?!? noob

NG take

I like sentimental and random pictures. :P

Btw, it's Shasha's slippers keke

The photographerz and driver
lol! all doing diff things

too many reflections. alamak

seems familiar?

smexy look??

Bringing sexay back!

Poor Alicia. Ini muka tension nih..
Sked teacher reject the pictures. XD hahaha

Random ghost pic

That's it for this post. 
Keeping it short. 

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