Memoirs of baby Joey

I have to warn you though, if you ain't interested in my past then this is not for you. 
My brain is like dying here cause I lack of ideas on what to blog about. So there.
It took me a long time to get this post ready, because of the uploading process. SO SLOW!!! But now, it is complete. XD
Was flipping through old albums yesterday since I was in home town, and I was very very free. Didn't see through all of the albums though, there's still too much but I think this is already plenty. Most of the pictures was my mother's when she was around the world. 

So here...
Tis actually my grandmother, I was shocked actually. My grandma so damn chio! Couldn't even recognize it's her until I recognize the person next to her was my grandfather. haha! 

Grandma the one on the most right. :D

XD Guess who?? hahahahhaa! kecik!

The reason why I post this pic is because of the little girl in the middle of the photo, the one who's the shortest and smiling at the camera. That's my aunt. And her daughter looks exactly the same right now! It's like a photocopy of her mother.

my aunt now with her daughter
Can't see properly, cause she doing that face. 

my mum when she was a teen

Chio! lol!
more of my mum's picture...

i like this one. cute!

Old photo-shoot style.
At least she's not leaning on a tree while doing a pose. XD

And then came baby Joey!

This was actually my favourite "transport", I still remember it.

Squishing Garfield's face. :P

My birthday. My parents look so young. LOL. So not used to it.
 When I was browsing through my pictures, I realize that I am a master at making faces at the camera. I am still a master at making faces at the camera now. hahaha!

hng?? whatchuwant???

Don't mess with me

*thinking evil plan*
I'm already up to no good when I was a baby. No wonder. haha.

Then, came my bro. *edited*
Oops, this 2 pictures ain't my brother. It's my baby Ah Gu. XD haha!

THIS is my bro.

I'm good at making mocking faces, while my brother on the other hand, grimaces A LOT.



already censored. lol!

Damn, how scary can I get... XD

Ki hiao~

Me and my aunts

Sexy lady... oh gawd.. lol

Me with Eevon ah yi

I still remember i used to play with my KL aunt's wig! hahaha!

Lil China Girl

Over-size jacket @ Jurassic Park.
No more cold weather now though. :(
Boo global warming

Hot mama on the move. 

This pic, my face like damn chio.. lol!
 I use to wear dresses when I was younger, I wonder why I dislike wearing skirts so much right now.

THE wig again

Dorky bro

Grandma playing PS1. I still remember because I took this picture. haha
 Me and my bro were getting tired of being the only children in our mother's side family, so my aunt decided to pop out a baby boy. :P
It... was... chaotic...

We're so evil... I'm so proud of myself.. *sobs*

Us and our favourite pet, Lucky

Old chap, Lucky!
This was taken few days ago.
Still posh as ever as you can see.

Please, everyone, just look at my brother's face in the pictures below..

Looks familiar?
I think he's practising for his part in "The Scream"

The Scream by Edvard Munch

Primary school.. Getting fatter here..
 I would LOVE to show you more of my pictures when I was in primary school.. but, luckily unfortunately I couldn't find more of it. :P
So let us continue to my bro's

Lipstick boy.. lol

Idk how I found this.. But it's in the album.. Lucky me. :D

When he was chubbier.. I miss pinching his cheeks. Now no more meat for me to pinch. T.T
 Eat more lah sei yeh, as thin as a stick now. EAT MORE!!!!
If you gain more meat, I will lose more meat! 
Scientifically proven fact.
I use to be thinner when he was chubby. T.T Now it's the opposite. 


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