Short and sweet

Short and sweet post anyone??

Guess what this is?

 Bought this Ting Ting Candy from some seller riding on a motor near some Ba Kut Teh shop
It's really rare to see these kind of old school candies nowadays, and this taste really good.
Craving for more right now. yum..

I miss eating Mamee, ice cream sandwiches, M&Ms, and loads... I miss the junkies i used to eat with my friends during primary school. Ah wah's restaurant. T.T Kay, should stop drooling.

It's a home-made coaster. Yes, I made it.

I'm trying my hand on crocheting again. But this hobby kinda die fast. Cause it's hard to find the tools and what not and it's kinda expensive if I were to buy from Selangor. Even the crochet hook will cost me RM49.90 here in Taipan, but I bought the 2-headed one in my hometown for only RM1.60. WTF moment please. Unfortunately, hometown one no stock on variety of sizes. Only have 5/0 and 6/0. Still finding the chance to buy the wool. Next time when I go back to my sweet hometown again.
Wanting to do a scarf/small jacket/or whatever that is simpler. But I only have pink and white on hand. I don't like pink stuff and the white wool is actually older than me (that means it's from my mother's generation till now) so... I'm halting my process. I just hope I don't stop half-way (which is my very very very very very very very frequent habit)

Okay, off to bed. Cheerio~

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