26/5/11 ♥

Hey there!
Okay, fail attempt of writing something funny or juicy today. Lazy to blog again. Lazy season.... lazzzaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..
I plan to write what I have done last crazy week, but then I've already uploaded the pictures in my facebook. :P So yeah.. haha!
Maybe I'll write a short one for them.. or not.... See how my mood goes. 

Anyway... I'm in my holiday break right now. 2 weeks.
I'm in my Shah Alam home. Rotting most of the time.
Oh, bought flight tickets to Korea yesterday. I can't believe I did that.
It's like................. I think I booked the tickets in a whim that it's unbelievable.
:S Money is a problem. I didn't think much before booking.
Now, I'm gonna suffer for it. Zzz. Sigh.
I hope things goes well until that day comes. 22 May 2012 that is.

I miss the crazy pals and the crazy times we had. :(
It's only been like a week since I saw them, yet I think about them all the time.
I'm addicted! They're like my drugs! LOL.
It's weird to see the way that we can suddenly clique so well together.
I mean.. I've known some of them for almost a year but yet we never interact much with each other. But suddenly.. *poof*.. I don't know what happened. XD
Fate??? *quoted from someone* LOL!

Kay, gonna upload some random pictures cause I know this post is gonna be so boring without 'em.

Hohoho.. Sexayness?? XD
Oh, I dyed my hair btw. Liese Cassie Berry. The result..... I'm quite satisfied with it. :)

Hooray for childhood snacks!
I miss eating them! 
I still remember I used to eat these during my primary school days. 
Ahhh, the good times. :)
I didn't bought them though, I just snapped pictures of it. hahaha! 

Candid shoot of my mum.
Taken during dinner on the day when I moved my things out from the hostel. XD
Puahaha~! Idk what expression this is.. 
I still have one more picture of her.. That one damn funny. XD
In order to save her *erhem* reputation, I will resist to not post it in my blog. LOL

Have a great day/night. :)
Till next time

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