28/5/11. Ba Zhang!

It's the time of the year again to make Ba Zhang!!
Yeah, never miss. Every year. We make like a LOT.
Don't know how to make also must do until know. lol.

The ingredients~

The urm... "wrapper"?

 And yes, I do know how to wrap it. *Demn proud*
A traditional skill to pass down in the future. 

3 busy ladies wrapping Ba Zhang.
While I'm taking a break and snapping pictures. :P

The master

She moved so fast. Like some kind of kung fu! LOL!
I can't even take a good shot even though I asked her to slow her movements down.



Useless crap

two huge pots for cooking 

Done. :D

Resting after all day of hard work. XD

finish making Ba Zhang.
Now second round.
My grandma's famous Mango Jeruk. LOL

Kung Fu hand again.
"wing chun" wtf! LOL

38 po! hahaha! stealing a bite

More food!
3rd round!
Which I didn't help my mum to make at all as I was still asleep. XD

That's it. 
The end. :) 
How could I not grow fat in this situation? 

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