Some slept, then woken up
Some napped awhile before that
Some laid on their beds but cannot sleep
Some cannot sleep cause of assignments

Crazy people.. :S

First time going to 4am chicken rice stall in Dengkil

Mellow Alicia and grimacing SoonEn

The ones who can't sleep because of assignmentsss

err..... idk

hahaha! we look alike?? XD

Casper! is in town!
Didn't feel like going back to sleep after our early "breakfast"
crashed into someone's house to play mahjong. :X 
Don't worry, we don't bet our money in mahjong
We're civilised students who play just for fun
Some can even say it's a type of method to release stress

look like a kid haha

Play till the morning sun greet us. :X

peaceful sial

okay, now my turn to look like a kid

oops.. XD

Peaceful En become non-peaceful En..
His expression damn painful.. :X lol

Still very "awake" 的 Alicia

Mother of the 3 abandoned kids (that's us)

Went back after lunch at Dengkil again 
No time to even take a nap back in hostel cause my mum called and asked me if she can fetch me earlier than planned. Promised to bring me drink some good things if I go back early. 
and so i said, "er, okay~!"

idk what she doing.. LOL
 Already in the half-zombie phase when we reach Sunway. 

Vietnamese cuisine. yummy snacks. :P

Newly opened Chatime @ Sunway Pyramid
Loads of people there, maybe because it's new
But the drinks are really good. The only thing I don't like about the drinks is that they put too much "marble" (idk what we should call it but you know, i know, then can ady). I even tertelan some when I sip the drink =.=

Back home after that. Shower. Mask. Slept like a log.
And that marks the end of our crazy April.
I hope May will be greater. :)
minus the exam period of course.

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