a small thing that annoys me

You didn't lie
You didn't tell the truth either
It's already okay if you didn't lie....

But making up stories?
Even if it's a small white lie.
Walls have ears.
I know it's only a small issue, but it is kinda annoying to me
If I didn't say I did anything then don't make up stories and say "Oh, I think she blah blah blah.." or "Oh, she watched this movie blah blah blah" or "Oh, she's busy going out with her gang or what-not"
don't tell people I have done what I didn't do or go to where I didn't go
Don't assume okay.
Is it that hard to tell people that you "Just don't know"

Sorry, I have no guts to tell you directly.
I can only rant here.

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