Drunk with caffeine

Before I start this post about coffee and things, I will like to stress on something.
Have you noticed that google chrome's logo has changed?

Looks damn noob leh!!

Did my Korean speaking test today.
Thank you to my groupmates.
Last minute practice and planning. But goes well. So yeah. *thumbs up*

I bet you're familiar with the picture below

We wouldn't be Malaysians if we didn't know. Because we damnnnnnnnn like the things that are on sale or free. Right!??! I don't drink Starbucks often, since it's half price for some days, I figured why not just try it out. Normally I'll order hot chocolate from Starbucks (mostly will buy when I'm in Genting). Never tried frappuccino until last week. I live in zaman purba.
  So far, I've drank Java Chips and Mocha flavour. Tasted Dark Mocha, Caramel, Chocolate chips and Raspberry. Wanted to try Green Tea today, but they ran out of the powder. :( Boohoo.

Oh, why did I wrote "Drunk with caffeine"?
Because I will become high after drinking drinks that has coffee in it. :X
I seldom drink coffee so I wouldn't know. But last time when I drink Old Town's ice blended, nothing happened. Then I stopped for quite awhile. Then this one fine day came along, I ordered some coffee blended again when we're in Old Town. Was staying up late to do the Green Scouting things so that's why I ordered coffee. I start to laugh at every little things. -.- lol! 

And after drinking the fraps last week and today, I can confirm that coffee really makes me..... drunk. Started to laugh at little things, talk crap, became rude a bit *lol*ki hiao, feel like in a different world for awhile and talk loudly like siao po. =.=. 
Luckily effect only last awhile.... ?
became normal after I ate dinner. XD

So people, feed me caffeine at your own risk
No need for alcohol. Uek, I don't like alcohol actually. Not at all. :S 
I'm not a big fan of coffee either. But coffee beats alcohol any other days.

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