Exam week footage ; Finally updated

Finally, it's here.

guess who?? XD

♥ Sylvia  

♥ Alicia We da black dutches. lol. 

Xiao Ming & Soon En
♥ Vivien 

tsk tsk... this guy... RUDE!!


studying. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Purple ninja turtle! LOL! 

Random shot of Dai Lou and Eric
studying hard also. lol.

New pokemon/digimon!
origami-mon! hahaha!
wtf, am i saying...... Shit... 


Case bully
with evidence lol..

reading notes in slumber mode

When camera is on
slumber-studying mode >> cute-pose-for-picture mode

aiyoo, macam budak..

Ini lagi 38.. macam abnormal 的小妹妹.. XD

Sylvia and Tay Tay (Edvin)
Rocker pose with  nerd specs?? That's something new. haha!

hmm.... what are these 2 doing.... ngek ngek ngek

Purple ninja spy been discovered

IPAD 2!!

Didn;t missed the chance to touch it too.. myahaha!

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