I like you because [insert reason]

Hey! Sorry for not updating so long!
My brain juice got dried up ever since...... Idk! lol!
but now I'm back with a new post!! 
*Oh, i know you're waiting for this moment. I know you miss me and my rubbish. aw shucks*

In this world, people like people. *duh!*
Girls like guys. Guys like girls. 
fyeah, koreans. XP

Guys will also like guys. 
Please no puking.. :X

Girls will also like girls. 
please excuse the Lohan lesbian pic.
This is the most appropriate pic I can find to define "girl-girl relationship"
damn.. others all 18sx.. Zzz.. Lazy search ady.

as in "like like". You know what I mean??
Yeah sure this that, love is all around and yada yada yada garbage. :)
Love at first sight?
I'm sorry, can't believe in that shwt anymore now. XP

I mean, how can you like someone based on looking at them? 
Face-ist?!? Appearance-ist?!!? 
(Note, adding -ist doesn't make it an official word. But it gives some meaning like the word sexist/racist/you-know-what-i'm-saying-right?)

Okay, here's a situation.
Once upon a time, Girl meets Guy. They fell into the deepest humongous gargantuan hole of love. And they live happily ever after. But one day.....
Girl : Hey, what do you like about me actually?
Guy : I like you because I like you you demn pretty and hawt sial.
*Girl gives a tight slap to that son of a white-black-cow*

"I like you because I like you. There's no reason for that." is a very clich√© sentence already. Can someone please be more creative and create another phrase other than this please. Paraphrase it if you may. Thank you in advance from Jinx Joey. 
It's a super big turn off especially if there's a person who don't really know you but know who you are and then they start confessing to you that they like you. I'm gonna be like "Whuuuuutttttttttttt????? You dumb dumb?? You ain't even talk to me in real life before.. and now you gonna confess this shwt to me? Oh boy, oh boy, boyyyyyyyyyyy, you have to get out of your jail-room right now and start meeting real people outside. Don't go confessing to people you don't really know based on their appearance unless you wanna get some smacking from me. I will sepak, tampar, karate-kan you, i tell ya."
And of course, thanks to facebook for that. So many creepers in facebook.
*Not showing off.. but you gotta admit.. I'm quite good-looking in some my pictures.. XD HAHAHAA!! Okay, haters alert*
Picture says a thousand words? Heck, I say facebook profile pictures gives a thousand lies. *bertaubat*

I feel so sorry for beautiful people around the world suddenly
Gal Gadot

Pheromone alert!
oops... I'm a hypocrite :P
I'm sure these beautiful creatures have some tough day kicking and screaming through their stalkers and fans who are shouting "Will you marry me?!?!" and "Can I have your baby?!?!!"
Reminds me of Robert Pattinson era

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