Study week!

I can haz Eskimo style!

It's study week! 
And I've been spending most of my time in the library this week
Orz, never been so hardworking in my life even though I only have 2 subjects to study for that are Engineering & Society and Korean Culture and Communication
Took a lot of pictures even though we spend most of our time in the library only.. 
Actually we spend most of the time clowning around..

It's fun though
Maybe because I've been hanging out with the crazies recently
I'm gonna miss hanging out with them after this trimester because most of them are going for intern
T.T Uhu.... Sad case..

Just a short update to keep my blog alive
Update soon??
Aite, gotta go sleep

P.S. Demn, the weather has been so hot lately, it's like I'm suddenly living in the Sahara Desert!

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