4/6/11 False trip

Yesterday, I was violently awoken by my mum
And we were suppose to go...
To steal pick strawberries and enjoy the heavenly view and maybe breathe some fresh air or whatever.. 

So, we were so "excited".
And I'm bored. 
And camera exists.
I'm gonna spam random candid shots and camwhore pictures along the way
I'm sorry, this is the only picture of my mum that day. lol!

"What the??"

I love candids

Another candid shot.. XD

grandmama on Candid! XP

Big-eyed family.. :P


I'm stuck at the utmost back seat with my fatty Godzilla cousin (whom I have no intention of capturing pictures of. No, not even candid shots. boohoo.)
But this doesn't stop me from taking selcas.. :P

But wait.
Did you know....
It's school holiday and it's a Saturday.
It's obvious, there will be a heck load of people going to Genting. 
To our horror, hell yes, mother-ducking-traffic-jam are there to greet us. :D
We didn't take the turn leading to Genting Highlands. 
We took the other way.
And I fell asleep after Mum told us we have to cancel the trip.
And when I woke up.....
We arrived somewhere

I feel so..... cheated.. 

But hey, I already state that it's a false trip in the title.
:P At least you were entertained by my horrid pictures. 

And yes, hello NEW SPECS!
Nerd style.
Going to Cyberjaya in a few more minutes. I don't wanna end my holiday mood. T.T. I'm scared! I'm stressed! I'm afraid of the new semester!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! NO INTERNET SOME MORE!! WTFFFFFFF...


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