15/7/11 Snowflakes ♥

Subang Jaya~!!

Han Leong and WengSeng

Me, Alicia, and Siew Lin
These 2 very camera shy.. >.< LOL

I'm sorry, I forgot to take the BEFORE picture. So this is all I can offer.
Yay~! BKT FTW~!!

Next Stop 
our main purpose

Okay, one bowl is too big for a person.
I have learned my lesson.
Tried the "This month special". I think it's called Black Sesame or something.
It's delicious. :D The taste is kinda strong, so you'll get sick of it if you plan to eat a bowl yourself. Sharing is recommended. 

looks like we're in some indoor place right??

wrong.. we're outside.. lol...
what a poser. 

high high. hohoho


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