24/7/11 Midnight reminiscence

My messaayyy work desk/food desk/whatever

No, I ain't writing a love letter. I'm writing mother-ducking formulas and equations that normal beings wouldn't understand. I've been trying hard to be as sane as possible. But of course, I failed..... At least I tried my best.
Time has been going by real fast and slowpokey-slow at the same time for me. How do I explain this.. Hm.. When I'm studying, time flies, but overall, it feels so slow! ........... Okay, I'm talking like a madman right now. @.@. I'm talking nonsense right now, I guess I'll end up in an asylum anytime soon if I keep going on like this.

Have been sleeping later than usual. 2am 2am 2am. But some times I can't even fall asleep that easily. I lie on my bed, and wish that I could just faint straight away. But no, my mind doesn't work like that. My mind decided to think other things since I've been facing dead equations and papers most of the time. Makes me think about what I have done and memories since...... since.... whenever. 

I miss my hometown friends. :( I miss talking to them. I miss sharing our problems and pouring our souls out during our sleepover nights. I miss laughing and doing silly things whenever I'm with them. I miss the times when the world doesn't mean much to us. I miss the quirky little things they would do at random times. I miss gossiping and bitching about the people that we don't really like. :P
I miss my family. I miss shopping with my mum. I miss seeing my silly mum dancing like a lunatic in the car whenever a funky music decided to pop up during our journey home. I miss leaning my head on my grandma. I miss hearing her complains and comments about this drama that she is watching at the moment. I miss my brother and his bragging and boasting. I miss being random and laughing at shwts with him too.
I miss my university friends whom I knew since I came in here. I miss the outings that we did. I miss the awkward moments that occured when we didn't know each other really well. I miss the friends who I was close to, I miss the feeling. It's like we had our climax and it all ended just like that. *I've been rotating friends. :S Is that a good thing or a bad thing?* I miss talking random things with my fellow Creative Multimedia students. I miss treating my room-mates eating "siew paos" whenever I had the chance. I miss the feeling where everything seems easy and I can become carefree. I miss the time when things weren't so complicated. 
And of course, I don't need to say this, it's so obvious, I miss the gang that I've get really close and attached to recently.

I feel like my life has become a drama right now.

I can't even talk bout it. I have no guts to describe it so openly. AND I ain't that stupid to express so much publicly. All I can say is, there is more to it than meets the eye. Seriously. I don't even know how to act, ask, say or respond some times. Most of the time, I find myself doing things that I feel like doing (or not) and then later, regret it. Self-conflict here and there. What is right??? What is wrong??? Or there is no such thing as "a right thing to do" or "a wrong thing to do"? OMG, I'm being pulled into the dark sideeeeeeeeeeee.... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Oy, what the heck am i saying?? @.@ I miss writing English too. I miss writing stories with bombastic and flowery words. Oh, I miss middle school moments where I can crap and indulge myself into the imaginary world that I have created when writing a story! *sobs*

oh lol. 
I better get back to my bed and go to slumber land.
Enough of this long winded no point post. No thanks to my blog hiatus.
gah..... Oh my, my journalism skills are definitely degrading.

And I'm still dying to watch Harry Potter. I've been missing out. hurrrrrr... 

It's official. I've lost my mind. loco.

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