25/7/11 Delicious @ Mid Valley

y u look like a girl?!? LOL
p.s. No picture of the chio me. Was shy to take selcas. Hohoho.

Dinner with Jonsin and Xiao Ming @ Midvalley.
I had my last midterm paper that day and was begging them to take me out. LOL.
What can I say? I'm a party crasher. :P

Planned to watch a movie, but it was too late. 
Last minute ticket buying is not really a good idea.
MR POPPER and some PENGUINS!!! *idk*

Dinner @ Delicious

 If you're a foursquarian, you should know that this place is famous for their really bad service.
But besides that, the food are all okay.
But it's kinda pricey for me. Oh, western luxurious food. 
Won't hurt to spend extra on delicious food once in a blue moon. So what the heck. 

Braised Lambshank Pie

Spicy Seafood Spaghettini with Coriander

Classic Chocolate Cake
Recommended dessert! ♥

Life is difficult. :S
Their conversation makes me think about the future. For awhile. 
I lose focus so easily every single time. 

If you're living, you should be happy. Live life to the fullest before it's too late. ♥

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