June Recap!

Since I've been so busy with wasting on time on other things, I've been abandoning my blog for awhile now. I haven't been writing any good post lately. Boohoo. It's that hiatus period again.

Short and simple recap on what I did in June. :)

A date with Vivien♥ during our trimester break holiday
Sushi Zenmai for dinner~!

Me eating Cendol
Followed my mum to Penang. :) For more pictures and so, please click *here*

Classes are boring as usual
 I'm dying this semester. Beta year is really not like Foundation year.

Bought a new bag but forgot to take out the stupid tag.
 Which is really cheap. And.. I don't like it.. lol

Snowflakes~! :*

Caught somebody slept like a log in class

More Yum cha.
Keng sam si.
..... It's so much easier if we live without knowing too much .....
And this is the truth
But no more regret on what I have said and asked, I was the one who demanded for it. :P

I broke my housemate's chair
Sorry! lol

During SOS rehearsal

Leng luis~~

lol.. wtf face
Me and Yuki, my housemate. Yes, it's her chair that I broke. haha!

Me and Alicia♥

Yes, I performed for the first time in University.
I sang. :)

Amazing musicians! 
Became a performer in S.O.S event.

Me and Sylvia♥

Anthony Neely is hot
Screamed at a hot guy. No, I did not confess to him.
I just screamed and fight the urge to pounce on him. LOL

Satay Celup
Nadeje layer cake!!!!!

Went for a Binding Trip with fellow members of Green Club.
Had a great time. But not much binding done IMO.
Cause I like being with people I'm comfortable with instead of being with people that I can't talk much to.
:P Can't stop myself from exploring and eating too.

That's it. Sleep now. Zz.. Ciao
I'm becoming a really boring person.. =.=

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