23/8/11 Serdang night

Ate Ikan Bakar Garam @ Serdang

and then we feel like eating desert. 
but but but....... no good desert shop anywhere around Serdang after 10pm.
So, we went to K3K instead. lol. 

Go wild. lol.

WengSeng looks like a kid, Jonsin looks uninterested at the camera. haha.

We, the hot stuffs XD

Never thought the lighting would be so nice at K3K huh??
Background look kinda fancy

Jonsin looks so scary. T.T
And now he looks dorky

Looks like a kid choosing food from a menu...
And it's obvious, he would be looking at this..............

LOL. Weird desserts served @ K3K. 
KAYA ice creams and sago!
It was weird. But eatable. The kaya is too sweet for my liking though. 
Have to try at least once before you die right? XD

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