27/7/11 ♥ LOL playing around

Was bored and don't feel like doing anything.
So Alicia and me decided to play around with make-up. 
Trying to achieve that smokey and killer look


Alicia's first time in make-up and she nailed the "eye wing".
What can i say? NATURAL TALENT!! Woohoo~!! 
sexayyyyyy bomb~~~

Dara in 내가 제일 잘 나가 MV
As for me, I'm trying to mimic Dara's eye make up in the picture above. 
And I love it. ohohoho. 
And I went overboard with my red apple lip tint. 
and it went from "alright" to "ghastly"
Oh, thank you Joey, look at what you have done. Tsk Tsk.

my Ju-on picture :P

It's so funny to actually see we are wearing our casual and sleeping t-shirts with these make-up. =.= 

I loikeeee


Okay. Fin. 
This post should be named as "Vain" actually. 
Just keedddiiinggggg.. ohohohohohohoho~

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