2/8/11 Tutti Frutti ; Tuesday is ladies Day

Went out with Alicia and her FCM friends.
For dinner and dessert.

Buses gives me this "old memories" atmosphere.
Even though I don't take buses much in my lifetime.
 It's so hard to wait for buses during the month of fasting. sigh.

Went to dinner at the new Hailam Kopitian @ Cyberjaya
Oh, I didn't take any pictures of it. 
Not too shabby I have to say. It's almost the same as Oldtown and Papparich. Same range of prices too. Portion are bigger than normal though. 

Every Tuesday ya'all~

Frutti Yogurt~!

Everyone dig in! lol

Shi Ping~

Z-yuann, Hyde, Shi Ping, and Alicia.
 Omg, I lol-ed at Alicia's *derp* face. hahaha~!

Randomly bought henna to play.
And this is the first time I'm using henna.
I mean first time using it to draw. 
I did henna many times before in my hometown during Wesak week but never in my life I need to have myself draw it on my skin. 
And this is the end result.
My official first ever henna pattern. XD
I loike this one. Simple and easy to draw. 

I went overboard. 
and drew random patterns. 


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