28/7/11 photoshoot...?

Helping a friend's friend of mine. Another photography assignment.
A lot of stuff happened that day. And most of 'em are bad things. 
A very unlucky day. I feel bad for the girl because bad things keep happening to her during her photoshoot. :S

Honestly, I'm really not happy with a lot of things. 
Quite irritated by some people who were with me that day.
Honestly speaking, I don't like people who like to show off and people who have no common sense.
One who can't even drive properly and think his father owns the roads in Malaysia.
One who doesn't respect people's time and opinion.

WEIRD people all over the world.

I call "them people" weird because I simple cannot comprehend why these people act the way they do. 
I understand not all people are the same and not all people are those goody goody kind.
But.... whatever..  I don't like what I don't like. 

Okay, enough ranting. 
I'll just let the pictures do all the talking now.

stealing stuffs.. lol
Pictures are illegally taken from Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya. 
We were asked to not take any more pictures, moments later, after arriving inside the hotel
*my English sounds weird but whatever. as long as it makes sense. aha*

I loike.. But auntie spoil the pic ady. :(

lol.. I'm getting fatter.. XD

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