6 & 7/8/11 Tay Tay & Jing Jing Bday, shopping!

Okay, LOL at the title. XD

 Dinner at Bumbu Bali, Puchong
The deco are just simply ravishing. 
and creepy at the same time.

excuse for the blurry picture, idk how to control my camera

very cute desk at the corner

exotic atmosphere

Lamp and Buddha statue..
Y did I take picture of this and put some lame caption on it? I have no idea. HAH.

2nd floor deco
 Second floor is really hot though. Me no likey sweat. 

The attendees 

off with his head. :X
Sorry, I couldn't resist

Main course, Nasi Campur
Big portion
The sate lilit!! I ♥! XD

appetizer, I forgot what name. :P

 Birthday girl and Birthday boy

Zhy Jing camera shy, can only secretly take her picture. lol.
Edvin baby face. Why you so aksdjhflaksdgfalksdh good-looking? XD

Group photo

Second stop
Library, Puchong

and we discovered this

"Anyone wants some Flaming Asshole?? Or would you prefer Blue Fuck instead?"
Hoh mai gewd, so funneehhhhhh.

Please revert your attention to the band behind the 2 sakais.
Because they sing really good songs. :D
Just saying.  
And bye bye Saturday.
Hello Sunday.

Did I ever told you that I ♥ Shopping?????? 
Yes, I'm cyber-shouting in my blog. *shrieks!* 
hah....... okay, I'm back to normal. *erhem*

chio Sylvia~

 Camwhore warning in advance
Is it ridicilous that I took these pics in the fitting room?
Nvm, I know it is. But it doesn't hurt seeing pictures of yourself in clothes you didn't buy. XD
Omg, pwned by inner-shopping-crazy-bitch.

 Dinner with mummy~
Little Korean near Sunway Pyramid

 Lol, my mum keep demanding I take photos of her and her urm..... "bodyguards".
si beh buey paiseh leh this lao zha bo
*hides face in palms*

Not much pictures of Korean food. Because I was such a pig, I ate and I didn't care about taking pictures anymore. :X lol