I change.

She change.
He change.
They change.
We all change.
People change.

I've been wanting to write this long ago. But I didn't have the guts to do it. I was afraid that I would offend my friend. But what the heck. I need to say this out loud or else nobody would know what I'm thinking. It's the truth. We cannot deny it. Change is not kind nor cruel. Change is the only thing that will reveal one true self. We change because of what we experienced, how people around us treat us, how we perceived things, what past events had taught us. Change will be pleasant and agonizing, depending on the situation. You cannot control it. It's just....... a need, a fact, the way of life. 

I have really good friends that I really treasure. But, it feels so different now. I feel neglected. Maybe I'm just jealous of my past self because friends cares for me so much more last time. Maybe they are in a bad mood, they are tired, they are not doing really good, they are stressed out because of life or something, or maybe going out with me bores them... I don't know. Honestly, I don't really like this "neglected" feeling........I know the world doesn't only revolves around me but.... asdhfladsfkljahdsfl. I mean, when I ask something, at least give me a firm answer. If a friend gives me a "uhhhh..... okay" answer, it makes me think that I'm forcing them to do things they don't wanna do. Give me a firm answer. If you don't wanna do something, tell me straight up. I prefer straight answers even if it's not the answer I am looking forward to. You see, when I ask friends to go out, I expect my friends and I to chat about how life has been. I mean, isn't that what people would normally do when they didn't see each other for awhile? But....... leaving right after finishing the food without waiting others to arrive or informing anyone.....?? Okay, late comers are in the wrong too but don't you think it's rude? And when we assign a specific time, people should be punctual. (I repent. I will not be late again for any events or so.) I mean what if people are late when you're not? Would you like the feeling of waiting for someone who is running extremely late?? I mean, there's nothing cute about being late. EVEN if you're gonna be late, at least inform people "Sorry, I will be late a bit." or something. I know I'm not the most patient person in the world but hey... I've seriously learnt my lesson. And yes, I'm whining right now, I'm complaining. Seriously, the experience that I had that day, it feels like a bitch-slap right on my cheek. It hurts. It hurts so much that I even start tearing. I sound like a drama queen, but that really did happened. I just didn't expect that would happen.

There should be a limit, to how people should treat others. Doesn't matter if it's an acquaintance, friends, old buddies, BFFs, or family. People should learn how to respect others. If one disrespect other people, I'm sure it's gonna have a chain effect. Somehow, I think society is getting worse. Where are the manners?? 

I really wish this wouldn't be true.
But I think this is also a fact that we must face in the future.

I...... feel so disappointed.
Reality sucks.

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