Selca August!

I'm in an utterly boring mood. 

on the outside I'm like this..

in the inside....


Yes, I feel like smashing things apart. 
I don't know how my smashing mood can resort me to take selcas. 
Well, it happened. XD

derp faces
I'm so addicted to putting headband on right now. 
Because my hair doesn't get in my line of sight! 
and it doesn't need much maintenance either.
But in exchange, I look bald. XD

Lol, I'm making full use of my left hand while my right hand is grabbing the camera.
Pose pose pose. 
Well, I couldn't do much actually. This is all I got. 
Omg, I'm commenting on myself. @.@ on my selcas...?

Mood swings due to boredom.
And to end this post...

kiddo pose gif~ XD

Midterm break is starting!! I even played truant before my break even started.
OMG, I'm getting lazier each day! 
Smack me. Zzz.

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