6/9/11 Contagion

Yay! I got invited for the second time to a Nuffnang Premiere Screening event.
And this time I didn't reject my tickets. Oho.
Went to watch the movie "Contagion" at Midvalley.
And thank you, Xiao Ming, for going to the movie with me.
His lucky day to be chosen to watch a free premiere movie with me. lol!

Had dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. This was my first time eating at TGI actually. And I'm never stepping in again unless there's some special day going on or when I'm absolutely itching to spend my parent's hard-earned money. And now I know why my mum never brought me here to eat. It's kinda pricey for me. Poor people ma. But it was a nice experience. I even get to see somebody got caked on their face and heard the staffs sing some special birthday song. 

Tennessee chicken & shrimp 
The chicken was yummy, the prawns were delicious, the mashed potato was smashing(yay for effort to sound more english), the sauce was AWESOME. Even my friend fell in love with the sauce, keep dipping his food into it. Haha. The portion was quite huge (for me) cause I couldn't finish it. :P 

Okay, okay. Enough about food. Now, about the movie...

Thanks again Nuffnang!

The first thing I saw the poster, all I could think of was "Oh! It's that sexy British man". *Er hem* Which is Jude Law. Omg, he so hot with his accent. In this movie, he played some sort of a "villain" that causes chaos in society. 

Overall, I was quite..................... disappointed really. It was good but nothing special about it. I thought it would have some interesting plot in between, or a unimaginable twist with contagious virus. People mutate or mankind dies or even alien came and abduct those who are sick or I became the king of the world. But no, it's more like a movie about what happened when unknown diseases has been discovered. How people control the situation, sacrifices they made, how people react (panic of course) when they know about the disease, how people make money by taking advantage of  the situation, how they track the origin of the disease, mehhh.. stuffs like that. More like a documentary really. 

I would rate this movie

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