9/9/11 Overheard 2 & Bar-B-Q Plaza

Went to watch Overheard 2 the other day @ IOI Puchong. And yes, it features the terrific trio over here.

Daniel Wu still looks so damn hot in his badass thug-ish outfit and even better when he grows some really mean facial hair. He rides on a motorcycle while looking like that. Omgwtfbbqsohawt. No, I will not swoon.

The storyline is actually very interesting and kinda complicated (as many Hong Kong movie would be). But the concept of "overheard" is different from the last Overheard movie. In Overheard 1, one of the police accidentally overhear some trades' secrets. But in Overheard 2, well, someone decided to phone-tap on the big shot stock traders to get information. Then, use it to blackmail and threaten them. For revenge of course. The scams, secrets, greed, tactics, confusion.  
I think it's kinda good, this movie. I like the "tension".
So I'm rating this movie


It's my first time in...

For a really long time, I thought Barbq Plaza is a Korean-based restaurant. You know, because of the "grilling" thingy used. But I was wrong. When I went into the shops, the waiters began to said something in Thai.
If I didn't heard wrongly. So, is it safe to assume it's Thai food?
Well..... No. Apparently, it's not Thai either. 

Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbeque restaurant.

I found this in their website in the "Company Background" section.
Hmm... I wonder what was that "Sawadeekap" about.
Mongolian and Japanese. Isn't it interesting?

Weng Seng the Beachboy :P

Me & Siew Lin 

Candid! LOL! sorry, couldn't resist.

We ordered the family food set (for three people). The portion is almost enough for 3 people. And the sets comes with 3 bowls of rice (quantity depends on which set). 
The soup they served taste like water except it looks a little bit cloudy. *Cloudy distilled water?* The BBQ-ed and the boiled food tends to be a little bland, so it's a good idea to swap your normal white rice to garlic rice if you like your food with more flavors. As for the soup, thumbs down for it. And I can't even fit my spoon to get the soup. I wish they would make the grill-thingy wider for the steamboat part.
As for the self-service part, it's quite tedious and troublesome to grill and eat at the same time. Me no likey. At first I thought it was fun but then... uh.. urgh... lazy... demn hungry.. food, please cook faster.... :X

Fatty parts from animals as oil for the grill. ?? lolwut? Idk.


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