Arthur's Day Malaysia 2011

*I only have limited pictures for the event, because I was too into the partay that I didn't care about taking pictures!*

Outfit for D-Day

They clearly stated we should wear black. But I guess wearing a dark colour works too?
Selca time. Whoops.

Sam and me

We started our journey quite late actually because we didn't have the ticket with us, and we didn't even eat first in Cyberjaya. We decided to eat out at The Mines before going to the celebration. 

Shasha and Yuki
 We missed out on Solar's performance, but myeh.. 
Luckily it's not Mizz Nina's.
And leaving late from our house was actually a good thing. I was actually half-bored when we were there. This is my first time attending this kind of big outdoor concert. I guess I ain't a big fan of these events after all? But it was fun, because I saw a lot of weird... people? Only some people were dancing (many were dancing awkwardly while standing in a fixed place including me). Some were doing over the top moves, but it looks really fun though. Oh, I wish I have the guts to do that. Only if I have crazy ass friends like them too.  *shows tongue* Maybe not. 

Taio Cruz ya'all!
 The main point was to watch Taio Cruz perform actually. Everyone was chanting his name after awhile since it's almost midnight. Everyone was running out of patience I guess. I feel bad for the ones who were performing when that happened. It looks like everyone wanted them to stop singing. But seriously, the situation was getting really boring. And I have to stand there with heels (Gawd, I hate them but at the same time, love wearing them because it hurts but it's pretty *headpalm*).

Oh, Dirty Picture was awesome. I found another song I could wriggle along to at home.
And I actually saw someone taking dirty pictures while he was singing. Hah!

awesome huge balloons for the party people to play with!

The venue was a bit... unconventional. One way in, one way out. We were late but there were still many people coming in to the place. And all i can say is "jam jam jam jam jam jam strawberry jam"
And the funny thing is, we didn't even drink a drop of Guinness! 
But I still somewhat enjoyed it, thanks again to for the invites. :)

Here are some more pictures. Courtesy to Yuki
For more of these photos please click here

Lol, Shasha!


  1. woots, looks like a lot of fun :))

  2. Lol seriously you guys really did look like you had a lot of fun xD I do pity the other acts but hey you know, if you want to be liked, you got to be good...

    Awesome pics btw!