The art of trolling

I found a mysterious envelope on the study table.
At first, I thought it was my brother's so I didn't do anything about it.
But a few days has passed, and the envelope is still in the same place. Nobody has touched it. 
I got curious, so I took it up and start to analyze it. 

Didn't have any written name or address on it.
It even have a red-white paperclip on it.
Made me even more curious

To my surprise, it was sealed tight! Nobody has opened it yet.
I asked my brother and he said he didn't know anything about the envelope. 
The he sat beside me as he got curious as well.
I hesitated for awhile. And I gave it to my mum. My mum opened it without hesitating. (because she was busy playing mahjong that time.) 
Of course, at this point, me, my mum and my brother already know what's in it. 
But my dear readers, if you wanna find out what it is, I'll be happy to show you.
Please continue scrolling down. 

What do you know? It's empty

We three got trolled wookay, not you guys only.
I literally rolled on the floor to laugh after my mum opened it. 
I didn't know one of my family member would go so far into trolling. EXPERT SIAL.
Till today, I didn't know who made that envelope. 
*True story*

.....maybe it's my grandma...... =.=

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