15/10/11 Real Steel is AWESOME!

slumber driver

"Don't take my pictures!", still took it anyway.. :P

Dinner at Ichiban Ramen @ Sunway

Food are too sweet. No likey. :( They better cut down on the sugar and salt, it's not making their customer  healthier.

Lol, mum

And the awesomest movie of the year

The sh*ts looks so damn real. The robots and all is so awesome. 
Omg, I don't even know what to say to describe how good this movie is.
I was captivated by every moment of the movie. Definitely not boring, and very very very amusing.
And Hugh Jackman is the main actor, like.. how could the movie not be awesome?!?
And I have to say, the kid was not bad too. Bravo. :D 

I love Noisy Boy's design. Woooorrrddddddd.

and Atom is very cute. :)
 I even thought it has some sort of unique function (like having a mind of its own).
But too bad, it's doesn't.

This movie...
You know there's no such thing as a perfect score, but whattheheck.
I wanna watch again. Seriously.

*Random moment coming*
Spot an adorable grandma wearing a plastic on her head to protect herself from the rain. 

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