30/9/11 Wing's Cafe

Before I begin.
Side note:
Taken before that day. LOL
And they keep on walking like this in the mall till someone decided to block one's way
Went to Wing's Cafe in Puchong.
A cool place to hang out.
Didn't try the food.
But I've heard not really good things about them.
And yes, the drinks are a little pricey for a small cafe. But I guess the atmosphere is very good, so it's kinda reasonable.

Ah Ng
Beachboy Weng Seng

The engineering bunch. Seniors in their last year.
and I'm a first year junior. O.O 

somehow, this picture looks kinda awkward.
All of us i mean. lol

I swear, I'm so good at playing Jenga. *effin proud*

Numbered Jenga

Mint tea ♥
Oh, I love the falling pieces of Jenga in the background. :)

It's been awhile since i played them. 

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