9/9/11 Spontaneous Genting trip

9th Sept, Sunday

'Tis my first time travelling to Genting at night. I didn't get enough sleep since I was drained after my Saturday trip to Ipoh with Liz. I forgot to take my camera with me to Ipoh, therefore no pictures of us having fun in the "Lost World of Tambun" aka Ipoh's Sunway. But it was raining when we were there, no point in bringing our camera too. :/ I have to say, walking under the rain is kinda fun.
But that doesn't change the fact that I have a shitty memory.

Thinking Ng

KerKeng drove us there that night. 
Can't believe he actually drove to 3 different places to fetch 3 of us. 

Weng Seng making use of his own body heat to keep his arms warm. LOL.
Damn, it was really cold and I didn't even bring my jacket with me! I was wearing shorts too! oh mai gosh, what was I thinking?? I must have knocked my head or something. 

What did we do there in the middle of the night?? 
We were there by 1am, so most of the shops are obviously closed. We had Mary Brown, then we walked around in the cold. Walk more. Walked outside, walked inside. Then sat down at Starbucks. First time trying Hazelnut Hot chocolate, and it taste weird! Me no likey. *shakes head* 

I spot a sleepy person, a non-stop jerking guy, and a smooching monster.

I think he hurt his.. urm.. glory part. LOL


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