All about Capricorn - Part 1

Stumbled upon a zodiac page in facebook. But it's in Chinese. :S So, I took the liberty to translate some to English, where mua can understand.
And here are some, translated to English of course. 
This is going to be very long, but if you're interested in reading it, please do so! :)
Helpful for some(? to get to know a Capricorn much betta?) and it's good for me too. People can get a better idea of me......... I guess?

So, basically, Capricorns has very cool personality. During first contact, you may feel and think that they are a big pile of iceberg. They rarely speaks and silently listens to people's conversations. But as you get to know them and become closer to them, you'll realize that they are very fond of making jokes and likes to fool around. Like a child, they are easily coax/persuaded.

Capricorns are very pure. This does not mean that they do not have wisdom, but it means that they rarely take the initiative to have their own desires. With experience, wisdom and sixth sense, they can see through a person's nature. However, when Capricorns is in the face of unforeseen circumstances, they often naively thinks they will face it without problems, and throws their defenseless self into it. Is a fool to be careful when communicating with people.

For their loved ones, Capricorn can tolerate many things. They can even accept unimaginable things. So, being loved by a Capricorn is a blessing. But because of their limited expressions, the loved ones of a Capricorn often thinks they are either 1. Selfish, cold, stubborn, difficult to communicate, difficult to understand, not gentle, not romantic.. Or the other one, by contrast 2. likes ambiguous love, romantic, unrealistic.

Capricorns are easily moved. On the surface, they like to act brave, but secretly, most of them are crybabies, they just do not want to shed tears in front of people. So, when Capricorns are being taken care by someone, they will feel grateful and touched, but these thoughts are often repressed in their mind. They will also hope to return the favor to the other person. In a sense, if they are moved, they will continue to believe that there is a bright and warm side in that person.

Capricorn quirks.

  1. Loves to crush
  2. Have low self-esteem and doesn't like to deal with people 
  3. Some times, in the inside, wants something really bad but on the outside, tries to not show any desire. When there's nothing to do, likes to go off into wild flights of fancy.
  4. Experiences insomnia or sleepiness *which I think both is related of course*
  5. When happy, become as happy as a kid. When not, it's a mystery.
  6. Does not like selfish hypocrite
  7. Have a good heart that is easily moved
  8. Loves to reason
  9. Clean freak *I dont think this applies to me lol*
  10. Likes to go to quiet places which nobody goes
  11. Think in a way and sort things like black and white *I'm not sure about this translation*
  12. Does not like to wear underwear :X
  13. Likes to stay at home

Capricorn characteristics.
  1. Have the most sincere, enduring, and the deepest love.
  2. Some times, likes to tease people 
  3. Does not like to quarrel
  4. Some are shy
  5. Tough and uncompromising
  6. Has unique sexy charm
  7. Born noble and deep detached(?) personality
  8. Easy to be moved
  9. Cool on the outside, warm in the inside 
  10. Some mischievous. ♥ *Oh, so true this one*

Capricorn's good points.
  1. Has a temper that comes and goes fast.
  2. Have fighting spirit, hard working
  3. Finds a way to be their own boss. A zodiac that has the largest number of CEOs
  4. Puts feelings first, but with a sense of obligation
  5. Give kindness to him, and he will return it in double amount
  6. Does not hold grudges, easy to coax
  7. Simple with no effort
  8. Puts joy and anger on the table, does not act
  9. do things resolutely and efficiently
  10. Born planning experts. And has strong plans

Capricorn's drawbacks.
  1. Very lazy. Does not go out if there is no plans
  2. Likes to daydream
  3. Likes to act a fool, but actually knows what is happening, they just does not want to say it out.
  4. Miss old friends, but does not contact them
  5. Very emotional
  6. Has double personalities
  7. Has own set of principles, go their own ways
  8. Some times confusing. Responses are often slow
  9. Particularly sensitive and fragile
  10. Give cold treatments to people who they are not interested in. This is no secret.

I actually think most of them are very true. 
There's still a lot more but I'm lazy to translate more and I don't wanna make this post too long. Or else, it's going to be so very very boring for people to read this. I don't like to put off publishing this post, so I'm gonna end this here. And look forward to Part 2! Till then. :)

Oh, for those who knows how to read Chinese and would like to read more about other zodiac signs, you can go *here* and read them up. Hope you have fun reading! 

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