All About Capricorn - Part 2

Here comes Part 2!

Capricorn does not know how to grasp their own happiness, so their love life is often bumpy and tortuous. With their personality factors, Capricorn's feelings are very hard to move up from love to happiness. Without a doubt, happiness from love is suppose to be in full. Capricorns who are in love are brave, strong, and so persistent that it is difficult to describe with words. It is very difficult for a Capricorn to give up on a relationship, that said, it is actually almost impossible. Unless, it is the Capricorn himself that determines to break up.

Capricorns are not only honest, but also responsible. In life, they are the most principled, but in love, they are not. As long as you're observant, you can see the Capricorns around you are actually attached to their other half. They obediently adjust their own pace to match with their other half's. They are the giants in work, dwarf in love. Perhaps this kind of balance in their life are perfect for the lovely Capricorns.

Some times, Capricorns will unexpectedly become very depressed, and they do not want to talk nor move.When people question them, they do not know how to answer. Maybe it is because they suddenly read something relevant to their life, or maybe they thought of something, maybe they heard something from friends, or maybe even nothing has happened. It does not need any reason for something to happen and ultimately, it doesn't have any reason. 

Capricorns tend to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially towards pictures. Has serious love for cleanliness. At first glance, if they spot any difficulty, improvement on it might be very difficult. They like the idea of being "fixed". They will not admit they are mad when they are, they will keep telling that they are not angry but when a question is asked, they will love to say they don't care. Have not so strong self-confidence. They believe their intuition, it can be said that Capricorns like to follow their instinct and feelings. They can easily greet strangers but to become a friend to them, you will have to start your countdown from "6 months". *Well, good luck with that!*

Capricorns often give the impression of "every man for himself" and that they are self-centered . On the contrary, they always think of other people before making a decision. It is without any exaggeration to say that they think of every aspect first before doing anything. It's just that they do not like to express themselves, but of course, the lesser the reason, the better. So, when people benefits from it, very few people can imagine a Capricorn's hard works. Particularly, their true love. Therefore, this greatly reduces the chance of having a Capricorn feel happiness in their marriage. Often melancholic, occasionally surprising.

When pain is encountered, Capricorns will forgive their love ones but they are also very stupid to let them have a reason to hurt themselves. They will be ready to forgive anyone that they love even if they have given them immeasurable amount of pain. So, they will not want break up because of that 99% of grief. Even if they are angry, they will only say hurtful words, but they will eventually come back to you and choose to forgive.

If you have accidentally fallen in love with a Capricorn, please don't be indignant just because they does not know how to communicate and express themselves. They just do not know how to say it out loud. They will think that their words will bring you pain so they will not say it. Calmly tell Capricorn about your grievances and doubts. Tell them that you need their help and comfort. Capricorns will slowly learn to understand you and will try to avoid misunderstandings to happen again.

Male Capricorns have relatively more practical goals, so much that they choose their girlfriends as they choose their future wives. Their other half must be gentle and thoughtful, and not sassy. They also need to be lively because Capricorns have more of a boring personality. Capricorn men are less likely to speak or express themselves. They do not know how to perform their best for their crushes, most of the time, they are contradictory. They would want the girl to be with them, and they would try to be nothing but general.


Capricorns are...
  • Sophisticated, but there is no such thing as smooth-sailing in life.
  • Passionate, but in a frosty manner.
  • Worshipers of power but disdain authority.
  • Legalistic but desire freedom.
  • Pursuant of, and also indifferent to fame and fortune.

Stay tuned for Part 3! Yes, it's not the end, there are still a lot more.. 

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