All About Capricorn - Part 3

Part 3

Capricorns are very stubborn. They have their own ways of doing things. Habitually, they will consider the feelings of others and then only consider their own. This makes them hurt themselves badly, but they will still wear a smile on their faces and tells the world that they are fine. Towards their own family and matter, no matter how one persuade them, they will be unmoved. Unless  the matter itself has exceeded the expectation of the Capricorn or it has disheartened them. But the fact still stands, the stubborn Capricorn has not given up.

When in doubt, they will question. When asked, they will answer. When they can do something, they do it and will never stray from their path. Seldom lies, in fact, they don't even bother to make up a lie. They lie or make a fuss in order to not bear the consequences. Capricorns rarely take the initiative to lie because they feel that there are no consequences that they could not bear. If you dare to do it, then why be afraid of taking responsibility?

Capricorns mature faster and are early to see the world clearly. They are cold-blooded but it is only a barrier made to protect themselves. But still, frequently, when they finally found someone who they can trust, they are yet deceived again and again.

If you can marry a Capricorn woman, it is really a very happy thing. First, you will have a clean and orderly mannered home. Whether if she is a housewife or a career woman, she will make the best arrangement for her family. Secondly, she will be unremittingly diligence,  be ready to suffer and fight all the way for their ideal future with you throughout the way. They will not throw tantrums without a reason. Capricorn women will not take "wife" as an overtime job, and she is a disgruntled woman at home.

Capricorns has very stubborn temper. If one day, they are really angered, they are willing to perish with you. It's easy to put off the fire of their anger, as long as you spoil them with words (like coquetry), it is guaranteed that they will cool down.

Capricorns are introverts, so if they are in a long distanced relationship, they will not show a strong passion. So, as a partner of a Capricorn in a long distanced relationship, you should be the active party. Otherwise, the feelings between you guys will become dull.  Don't worry about Capricorn disliking text messages, phone  call, or messenger. Instead, regardless of the contents of your message which may be mushy or in a reproach tone, at least it will make them feel they are close to you.

If a Capricorn surrounds in your circle, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
If a Capricorn spends time to accompany you, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
If a Capricorn bothers to please you, it does not necessarily means he/she loves you.
But if a Capricorn is willing to give up their most valued dignity, it means he/she has hopelessly fallen in love with you.

A Capricorn ....

  1. will not easily give up when they are determined.
  2. is stubbornly rigid and does not heed others' recommendations. 
  3. will exert their utmost strength in work.
  4. has a dull mouth and doesn't really know how to humor people.
  5. hides their feelings in their heart when they are moved or sad.
  6. has luck in women, but will be extremely shy around girls.
  7. will not do despicable things to people who treat them badly.
  8. prioritize reputation. If they lose someone's trust, they will greatly blame themselves.
  9. lack of romance. Has an extremely cautious observation.
  10. is feisty but does not show it off.
  11. will appreciate their recognized friends for a lifetime.

I'm kinda bored of translating though... But still... one must finish what one has started. Still a heck of a long way to go. 
Till next time~
Part 4 next!

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