What is puppy-sarcasm? Actually, pupscasm sounds nicer.. But whatever.
Don't bother finding the definition on google, this word doesn't exist. That is of course, until today.

Definition of puppy-sarcasm:
To be sarcastic, but yet, in an innocent manner. In other words, ambiguous shit. 

Thanks to a certain someone, who basically INSPIRED me to create this wonderful new word. Oh, Anonymous, thank you for being such a prick ass bastard. I have no idea why are you doing this to me since we don't really know much about each other. Meeting me and being a "colleague" for a day or two, doesn't give you the license to constantly say ambiguous things about me publicly. Well, at least you did this in front of me and not behind me. 
But seriously, every time I see a facebook notification from you and after I read it, I literally.... Zzz..

At first, I was like..
Not sure if it's a compliment or an insult
Jackie Chan FTW

But I guess all my reactions have just sum up to this right now..

You might be thinking.. This person, what has he done to me?
Well, he kinda insulted me. Every single time. With the same accusation and style of writing. Fark it, normally I can joke around with people lah but this one. He's taking it too far if he constantly say the same thing again and again. 
Or maybe I'm just too sensitive? 
But I don't usually react like this.
*portrait-ed with memes in the pictures below for entertainment purposes*

Example of an actual situation.
*Le me uploading a facebook picture*

This really did happen.. 
And I'm gonna show exactly what took place..
Play with fire, now you're gonna get burn. BURN BABY, BUUURRRRRRRN! 

Me, happy with my own vainglorious picture
Got one or two compliments and jokes about my messy table from friends.
And then...

Like dude... kuat make up? You blind? 
And what lazy to click like? You don't like then don't like lah! You type so many words for what??? If you are really lazy then you wouldn't even be commenting, okay?? oui, imbécile.
Every single time accuse me like I'm a fake person. Putting on HEAVY make-up and I look like a swan. Means I'm fugly without them lah?! Niao lah!
*Oh shit, no no, I didn't mean I'm pretty without make up.. :X All I meant was.... err... shoot, can't explain* 
Here are some more comments that I would like to show you. Annoyance in action.

And now, I would like to reply with full honesty from the bottom of my heart and I don't care about ethics anymore. You hurt my feelings *sobs*, and now I'm gonna get even. *evil grin*

My reply to Accusation 1
What nowadays? I'm like a fucking maestro since the day I was born. Get your facts right.

My reply to Accusation 2
Ppppppppfffffffttttttttttttttttttt.... DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?! No duh! I rule MMU campus like a drag queen! I'm like the queen bee there. Everyone worships me like a goddess. And this queen bee fly like a G6. They don't go crazy, they go loco roco for me. 

My reply to Accusation 3
Dude..... Are you developing more female hormones in your body right now? Why would you even...... want to learn..... make-up? And by the way, I only know how to enhance a female's features with it. Not a male. Or are you trying to say that I look like a guy?? And the make-up I usually do is suitable for one?.........................................................*BITCH-SLAP x2*

*throws nitro bombs*

What's funny is that the fact that he's so dense when I'm making sarcastic counter attacks at him. He thinks I was joking. I even had a little help from my friend to at least make him back off a little and get the point that I'm actually angry at his comments. But yet, he messaged me asking whether if I'm mad or not. I'm not sure if he did apologize or not, I forgot. But that's not the case, even after that message, he still continue what he do best. Dayum.

My dear friend, are you jealous or something? Cause the way you write, sounds like a jealous 15 year-old teenage girl trying to be pretty. Did I offend you in any way that made you feel like questioning my looks and appearance? 
Hey, I don't wake up everyday just to impress you. *stares*
So STFU and be a man. Just stop writing anything about "How pretty you look with make up/How skillful you are with make up". Somehow, coming from you, it sounds like an insult more than a compliment. Every single time, I swear. If you want to do it, at least do it without writing these two words, "make" and "up". If not you can also say it out loud (when I'm not in front of you, of course). Whatever shwt you can think of, just say it out in front of your computer while looking at my picture. *Okay, that sounds creepy and stalker-ish to me*. On the second thought, you should do that while looking at the mirror instead of the computer screen. Teehee..
If you don't oblige to follow these suggestions then..

Yish, trying to be innocent while throwing daggers at me. Guna Puppy-sarcasm!?!? Kebabian!! 

I'm gonna show more of my "heavy make up looking face" to you then!!!

P.S. Did you know? I bite. Bitch, please.



  1. the "boo" is for the shwtting guy, always facebooking in the toilet. you can see how poor thing he is

  2. LOLLLL!! I cant stop laughing after reading that! especially ur facial expression you put there! lol

    anyway just tell him..

    "GAGAL! - Go and get a life!"

  3. that dude seems to be really annoying..