What good does money brings?

$$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money 
$$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$ Money $$

The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

Somehow, I kinda agree to this quote right here. I mean money is important and all and it's like... the life of society nowadays, really. No money, no talk. That is the kind of world we're living in right now. Corrupted bunch but yes, we are living in a corrupted era.
People dream of having big cars, big house, branded handbags, expensive cameras, maybe a few exotic pets living in their own private zoo. All of these need a hefty amount of kachings to make it become a reality. It's silly how we find joy in spending moneys in all these useless stuffs that we actually don't need. I blame society again for their "image-making". That for a person to drive a Porsche is a cool kid and everyone should flock into his social circle. And one, who drives a 10 year-old car, is somehow.... hmm.. a no one? Not "no one" actually. It's just that people wouldn't give a damn about you anymore.

From what i see and hear. Students further their studies for the sake of making money after they graduate, and not pursuing it to do what they enjoy. Doesn't matter what you're good in or not good in, as long as you have $$. A very good example, me. I enrolled in an engineering course because my mind thinks that an engineer is a pretty stable job that can make me earn lots of money. But I guess it doesn't, unless I'm a genius in inventing things. I don't think that kind of thinking is very healthy, but peer pressure does a lot of things on a person. Brain washing people nowadays. But I guess it's too late now. I need to leave my love for writing and drawing behind me. But at least I like mathematics, it isn't that bad after all.

Actually, the main point of me writing this is to rant about the evil thinking and actions rich people may do. *Note, I'm not saying everyone. But all these stories that I have heard has been bothering me and it has made me stereotype rich people in how they live their lifes*

You see, when one has a dream of becoming a successful businessman, he will do his best. When he has achieved that, he will make another dream. And of course, he wish to make a lot of money (or maybe this will be the first dream for a person. It's the same). And when he has a lot of em... he spends it all on entertainment.
What entertainment? Healthy entertainments and unhealthy ones.
I'll just skip the healthy ones, since it's a little boring. And not only that, I couldn't think of any healthy activities to spend on except golf.

The unhealthy ones :

  • to fling around with every women in the world. 
  • to have every woman in the palm of your hands.
  • become an old geezer and start to have an affair with some youngin.
  • to show off and brag to other people because you make more money than them.
  • attempt to do sinful things. Because you're (apparently) too powerful to abide a normal human being's principles.
  • start to disrespect other people just because you think you're a higher class.
  • you're too rich to donate some to charity. *SNOB*
  • have little children who you can spoil and raise little snobbish little bunch of unfriendly and instill f*cking annoying personalities in them. Spoil them with money when they grow up. And Wa la! and presto! the perfect ingredient to make a hateful and useless human being. 
I seem to have write something out of the topic there in the 6th point and onwards. 

There's this one thing that seems to be in my mind all the time though. I really couldn't understand it at all. 
Why does every man wants many women around them??
Is it that cool if you have a lot of women??
I simply cannot comprehend this kind of thinking.
Just because the world has more women, doesn't mean they could "love" so many women.
Suddenly, the word "Unfaithful" has been stamped on all of the foreheads of all of the men in the universe.

Such manwhores/manslut/man-ginas... 

What's more disgusting is actually the women who are attracted to these disgusting creatures. Siao zha bo-s. Woman, you stupid? Why bitch? Bitch, why? You think you could be happy begging for money with your whole life while kissing these disgusting  manwhores' shoes? You think having them take you by the waist makes you that powerful? Girl, he gonna dump you in 24 hours anyway, if you're lucky. Stop fantasizing lah! And why... why why why why why why wai wai wai wai most of theseeee ladiessss have such humongous boobs/asses and faces like barbie dolls? *head slams table* Mother of lord. Pea-brains with hot bodies.

I'm so angry because of these inappropriate ladies, guys starts to have these kind of thinking that women are just toys. If you think like that, you're better of dying with nobody there to mourn you at your funeral. I guess that's too far. But seriously, it disgusts me so much.

*sigh* But I think the female of this century are far more better than the olden days. I guess there's a sunny side to everything. I hope the amount of bimbos will decreases with time. God bless ye.


  1. Lol wow this is a really cynical way of thought xD though when I saw the list I was like....ok, someone's describing Hugh hufner here xDDD nice post!