Herp derp herp derp... Hesitating...

Some how, I feel like my life has become a drama, in a realistic way.
My blog is too public, I can't write anything I feel like writing. Sheesh. But I'll write a bit of it here.

Silence, is what we chose but at least we acknowledge it. I'm content but still, I have to admit, I'm also a bit frustrated. I don't wanna become static forever. It's like without a beginning or an ending. Like a hanging piece. I'm afraid of people changing and I'm also afraid that I'm changing. Friends let me have my hopes up, but I don't wanna have so much hope, because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed and then wanting and hoping for more. I feel like I'm being mentally abused.
Some times, I wish I could turn back time and I wish I would not say the things I've said. I always have this sudden urge to tell someone something and then in the end, I will end up saying it even though I know it would turn out ugly. I still don't know if it's the right thing to do or not. It's like I ended up hurting someone.
I don't like it when people think I'm the happiest people on earth when they are in a hell hole. I know I don't hurt like you do, because I'm not in the same situation you're going through but still I'm not as happy as you think. I really hate it. Try putting your feet in my shoes, I'm not in wonderland. So, don't ever say something stupid that would make me mad. You wouldn't like it when I'm angry, I'll do things I originally wouldn't want to do. I'll do things that would hurt you more. Yes, I'm that evil. I'm a devil in disguise.

So obscure. :D

And on the side note, my mum is being soooooo insensitive. Jokes around with people's feeling and she thinks EVERY HUMAN IN THE WORLD is in love with me. Is this a hormone imbalance or what? If she keeps this up, I'll be getting killed soon. Like D-E-A-D.
If she cross the limit again, I'll unfriend her and block her. Seriously. =.=

Girls, they make everything so complicated. 

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  1. hmm.. u're right! They shouldn't be reading if they don't like it. XD but still, some things are not meant to be made known by ppl.. I have another private blog to eat up all those secretive garbage, no worries.. haha