So there's this movie...

It has something to do with the past..
and an apple..(?)

no, it's not Twilight.
It's in chinese.

This is actually based on the writer's true story
So, it is very realistic, the story line I mean.
*not to mention, somewhat 18sx perverted too.. but still, it's funny*
And the ending, was really really sad. :(
Seriously, almost everyone's mood went down low after the movie.
This kind of movie is hard to come by but not a must watch. I mean if you don't wanna think about your first love and your past regrets, then you better don't. Because this movie, will drive you up the wall.

I mean have you ever watched a love story with a sad ending??? No! 

It was really sweet when the movie is still in the "middle school" period. You can see how the students live happily and carefree-ly.. and not knowing anything that will happen.. and naive.. and oh, not-so-complicated life is bliss.
But well...... I have to say one thing though........ The main character is so dense!!
Cant help but fell so frustrated for a moment.

Movie rating
Because I never felt so emotional after a movie. Never.

Now, I feel like writing something personal in this blog. -.-. 

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