12/1/12 Blokus

It's been a long time since I've been to Pitstop. Took some time off to get some fresh air (if there is any) with some friends. :) There's this particular block game that I like to play and it's called blokus!

It is not easy playing this game, I tell  ya. Strategy strategy strategy!

With shasha..

..and Sylvia. She just presented her Korean performance. :P

I wonder why young people nowadays like to press their phone
 even if their friends is right in front of them. :/
I'm no different,
but I only press it to imitate them or when I try to avoid talking.
Or when I'm REALLY bored.
I see a rant post coming up soon!

Colourful bunch

me and my roommate ♥

and our funny expression when we're being flashed. XD


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