First post of 2012

My new year's resolution
Seriously? Fuck that shit.

I've been failing my new year's resolution every year so I won't bother writing any this year. :D

Oh, my hands have been itching to blog, but yet I have no idea what to write. Plus, I've been feeling down recently and for some time now. Reason?
Well............................ Seriously, I can't think of any good reason why I'm acting like a jackass moping bitch. I'm depressing and I know it. *no LMFAO pun intended* I don't want me to continue to be like this anymore. I want the old "don't know don't care" me back! Where I'm a hella optimistic and random and happier person. Where I wouldn't over-think things and won't worry about the things that could or could not happen. Well. Because it's non-of my "present" me business! I'll start worrying when it hits me. *plays angry bird's "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~" sound effect*

But I want these things to happen to me this year though.
To be happy and enjoy life as if everyday was my last day on Earth. *It's 2012, and if the Mayan's were correct, at least I won't have to suffer in studying in MMU anymore*
Grab opportunities when it presents itself.
Not to be shy, cause that would destroy that window of opportunities.
Oh, I want to take more picture moments this year. I've been hiding my camera too much lately.

Hmm.. still sounds hard to accomplish.
Well, one step at a time then!

Signing off for now!

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