Oh gawd, why did I do that?

Ever have that moment when you would just feel regret on the things that you said, wrote or did?
And after some time has passed, you suddenly remember the moment again. And you felt embarrassed and stupid again.

Oh no, it's flashing past me. The moments of year 2008/09.

Ew, I can't believe I wrote stories about my crush with literature-ish tone. 
Of course, I deleted those things because it was shoooooooo shtuuuupiiiddddd.
I now realized I did that not because I like that guy. It's because I was lonely and I was a loner. Crazy things people do when they are out of their sane minds.

Love is stupid Hormones are stupid. 

Why did I suddenly wrote this? I don't know. I just feel random.

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