Malacca food trip!

An impromptu trip suggested by my mum. 
And we really did went for it.
All of a sudden, she feel like taking a time off and do something different with a bunch of youngsters. Haha.

At Donald and Lily's Corner for their Rojak, Cendol and Curry Mee!

 I wonder why I didn't take any pictures of the food! Maybe I've forgotten when the food came. 
It was all okay. The rojak, in my opinion, has too much tofu and too few of other ingredients. And I'm not a fan of tofu so a no no for me. 
Cendol tasted okay. Nothing special. 
Overall, there wasn't anything special with the food. The only thing that i think was special and unique was their decoration inside. Very baba nyonya-ish with the antiques stuffs. 

Second stop, Jonker 88 at Jonker Street!
If you decided to come here, let me tell you this. The space are limited! And you may have to stand there to eat but it was all worth it. Cause the food was great! 
We didn't wait too long for the food even though the queue was kinda long. :D

Their cendol was densely flavoured. 
The aroma was great but it was too sweet for me. 

and the Asam Laksa!
The best I've ever tasted! It was a bit different from the normal Asam Laksa, maybe it is fused with the Nyonya style cooking. It was hellavu delicious! Me and my mum immediately fell in love with it. But it's really spicy. Too bad, I can't eat too much of it. :(
For those who love to eat spicy food, this is a must try!

 Mummy keep on nom nom nom nom nom.. 

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe
Tiramisu mille crepe

And of course, a must stop place for first timers. The famous layer cake of all. 
But I've heard they've changed their pastry chef, so it doesn't taste as good as last time. But it was still delicious. :) Original flavor is the way to go and many choices to choose from.

Tension face

Me and Alicia~!

And for dinner
Restaurant Nyonya Makko
And again, i didn't snap any photo. 

But the only thing that kept me drooling is their sambal petai. 
Syok sekali. 

Jonker street at night

 My mum has been doing her duck face everytime I tried to take a pic of her. 
Oh gawd, why?

It's hard to spot this midget once she get lost in her own way. 
Need a striking coloured shirt for her! 

Muscle mum!?
mm si muscle, si bui ba lai eh *hokkien* hahaha!

Fried Oyster 
I forgot where, wasn't concentrating on the direction of our way because of tiredness 
But it was near the famous "si ham" place

The next day, we went to try the Coconut Milkshake.
The original Klebang Coconut Milkshake.

Promoting promoting.
It's basically coconut and vanilla ice-cream. And honestly, it tastes like ice cream soda without the gas.
Not my cup of tea. But I guess it's different from the drinks we have.
Doesn't stop one from trying new things. :)

And that concludes the short trip. 
I want Penang food for my next jalan-jalan cari makan episode!!

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