A short rant : Parent

Yes, my blog is public. Yes, everyone can read it including my mum. Yes, I don't care because I need to rant it out.

Mums, no matter what you do or what you say, you just can't win, no matter what. Fuck logic and reasoning, you just can't win.

I don't handle criticism very well. So, every time someone tells me off or say some thing that upsets me, I tend to get very angry and accept the fact that I am what they say and then continue to become like that because they said I'm like that. I tend to satisfy what they want. I reverse psycho myself and everyone. I'm not the kind to be better when people talk me down. This is one of my weakness. With much luck, my mum likes to scan for every weakness I have and like to take it out and wipe it at my face when given a chance. Which I really despise, but what can I do? Exactly nothing. I can take it as a challenge and improve myself, but I don't want to. Because no matter how hard or how good you tried to be, you'll never be as good as they expect you to be. And because I can't take it. So I leave it be.

Mums tend to exaggerate everything. One small problem can become a big problem is you don't handle it well. Even if you wave a white flag and let them do anything they want, they still wouldn't be satisfied. Some how, mums are more difficult to handle than a girlfriend. (I know, women are hard to handle, because I am one. And when they get older, it gets more annoying. Guys, if you can, please go gay. Nah, just kidding) When they threaten to do something, and you let them do it, they would not be satisfied! If you don't let them do it, you'll be in hell also. So, it's either jumping into a sea with 1000 tonnes of stone tied to your leg or free falling from 100, 000 feet up the air with no parachute. You die either way. So, just choose an easier way to KO yourself.

Some times, when she talks to me in a kind of tone, my emotion automatically become moody and I don't feel like talking. It feels like I'm getting into a meaningless argument. Because when you talk to an angry person, you'll just be fueling up her anger. As she explain and complain, she is remembering the whole event again which will make her more angry. So, I'll just put a poker face and say "I don't know". How to make her not angry? I don't know either, and again, to the hell hole again.

She told you to do something. She gives you reason to do it. You explains you want to do it your way. Sorry, argument invalid, you need to listen to your mum and obey. Unless you already did it and it didn't went well, you get scolded again for being unorganized and why you do it that way. :JackieChan'sWTF:

My personal life................. the only thing I can say publicly is that : for everything, there should be a fine line that you should not cross. Even in friendships, relationships, and parent-ships. It's different for everyone, so I can't say much either.

Do I tell her when I think she is going overboard some times? If I do, I do not know how to put it properly, and she wouldn't take it easily. Some how, every time I tried to voice out to her, it came out wrongly. And it would end up ugly = no point. In our mind, everyone that is elder than us should be obeyed and they are always correct. Well, I beg to differ.

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