Day 4 : What you want to do before you die.

I have yet again FAILEDDDD to keep my promise to blog in 3 days after each post. But hey, I have a valid reason. My desktop wasn't with me! Yeah... I'm guilty.

My bucket list? I've never really thought about it actually.
But I was once asked by my friend/my-now-god-brother about it, (not about my bucket list, but rather about my dreams and aim in life). I guess both of them are the same thing?

Here is my current list. *Will update when I think of new things I want to achive?*

-To learn/be better with a musical instrument. (ukulele! but I have stopped since mine broke)

-To visit Rome at least once
I mean to say travel around the world, but I like Rome. I means it's all in rubble and grass and things, I don't know why, the statues there just amazes me. The moai in Easter Island amazes me too.

-To visit Easter Island.... (Oh, look, I have a new aim.)

-Sky diving
It's a cliche but.. come on, it's exciting! There's too few things that you can do that will make you see incredible things while having a near-death experience aye?

-To find works/jobs that I love and be passionate about.. in another country (other than Malaysia and Singapore) in conjunction with my travelling-the-world wish

-To find and have a stable relationship... for life. And to do all of the above things with him.
It's a foolish wish. No, it's not. I mean who doesn't want that? I don't wanna be a loner forever! I don't wanna be the lady with the 27 cats! And my dear girls(especially the one with the initial LJA), stop pressuring me! What is meant to be will be, what is not.. well.. just fuck that shit and move on. :yaoming:

-To live till 80 years old
I don't wanna live a long life. Unless I can move like a youngster. But seeing my routine exercising schedule, I'm not gonna run like the wind at 40. Not even now when I'm 20.

I don't ask for much in life. It's that a good thing or a bad one?

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