Day3 : Favorite TV show.

The Vampire Diaries.
Ian Somerhalder is so damn hot. *swoon* Definitely on Delena team. Waiting for Season 3!!

I used to be so into Heroes.
But when I missed an episode on it on Star World, I'm  fucked. Because the story line changed and twisted so much in just one episode you couldn't understand what is happening. The evil become the good, the good become the evil. Confusing but at the same time amusing. I didn't finish it. I stopped watching at the second season. XD I think I'm gonna go stream it when I'm free in the future if I remember.

My wife and kids
I love this! They are just too funny to watch!

The Big Bang Theory
People, even nerds and geeks are hot okay. Omg, Sheldon and Leonard.
Engineers. XD

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