Day7 : Favorite movie.

Well, I don't have a lifetime favorite movie. But for this year, 

Tear jerker. T.T
Well.... not really. But it's really touching. :)

It's about a special horse, which was bought by an accident (well, actually, it was bought because of an old man's ego) and was force to be trained as a farm's horse. Was sold for war because of some poverty issues and was then separated by his owner. Trained as a war horse. Gone to war.

And then some miracle happened! 
[insert a bloody rainbow here]

Reunited with his blind owner. 

The End.

I got bored halfway, so the review was random. I thought I would spoil the good movie for you if you haven't watch it! So, that explains the crappy synopsis! I know, you're welcome. :)  

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