Seoul : Day of flight and Day 1

Hello! Yes, after one year of waiting since our flight booking, it's finally time for us to fly off to Seoul! I can't believe we really flew there and stayed there for a week. All I can say is that, I want to learn Korean language and live there if I can, because it is all beautiful and I'm in love with the weather there!

3 awkward people laughing because we wanna take a picture with the airasia plane.

gradient view

Shasha's new best friend, Hannah Yoo. 
Look who has made a new friend? Haha. She was sitting next to us on the flight. Surprisingly, she socialize really well and is just 10 years old. TEN! She speaks English fluently and can converse well with us. Kids these days, what are they eating?? 

We arrived late. Like an hour late. Was really tired after the long 6 hours flight.

While waiting for check in
For the accommodation, we stayed in Namsan Guesthouse's room for 4 person. 
Personally, it felt like home and the service is... really bad. I mean their attitude towards their customers are good and we have no problem with it. It's just that they lack of facilities. The phone wasn't working, so basically we can't ask for help unless we walked quite a distance to the main guesthouse's office. We were having problems with the faulty and inadequate universal sockets.

We were starving in the middle of the night because we didn't have our dinner since we arrived late, there was basically nothing to eat nearby and cause we're tired, we didn't walk to far to search for food. Lucky for us, there was a 24 hours convenience store nearby.
We we're so fascinated at the sight of the food at the convenience store.
I bet the cashier must be thinking "Heh, typical tourists"

제 1 일.

The mini garden outside our guesthouse.

Cafe is a hit thing in South Korea

Namsan Guesthouse 2 (main office)
The weather was really nice. Although you can see that it's blazing out here, but it felt breezy and cold! It's very refreshing indeed. If I was walking in Malaysia with sun like this, I would burn I tell ya.

Awkward standing pose in the train. 
In my honest opinion, the subway is really convenient. If you're planning to go to South Korea, I think it is a very clever idea to buy a T-money card. It's like a Touch 'n Go but you can do a lot more than that with it. You can buy stuffs in a convenience store and pay with the card, you can even pay for taxis, bus, and subway fares. It costs us 1 050 won (around RM3) per destination.

Bicycle lane!

Yes, they have lanes for bicycle riders

Walking towards Building 63.
We went there without doing any researches, and I regretted it. Because we missed out on a lot of things. Guys, remember to do your homework before travelling. And I can say is that, Seoul is a great place for couples. Most of the activities there are for romantics and it's like a city with no Forever Alone allowed. *Okay, I'm exaggerating. But you get my point.*

Wax museum
Didn't get into the wax museum, because it's quite pricey and we thought it wasn't worth it. So we just opt for the aquarium instead!

Jackass penguin. So does that mean jackass is not a foul word? :P

The longest mummified fish I've ever seen! IT'S CREEPY!!

My mum's worst nightmare says hello to you.

Eric Kayser

Off to our next destination!
Actually, we were so lost and didn't know where to go, so we sat in a cafe and calm ourselves down and planned again. 

Tastes like starbucks. 
Hangang Park

an enjoyable bicycle ride. :) It's a long time since I rode on one!

It's like we're filming a korean drama. Haha.

Reminds me of a scene in the Korean movie "The Host"

My new favourite treat! Dippin dots ice-cream! 
I remember we have these in Malaysia. I think it was in Sunway if I remembered correctly, but it closed down soon after. Kinda pricey actually, maybe that is why it ain't a hit here.

lol, kids

Ticket for our river cruise in Hangang river
There were three selections for the cruise. The magic show cruise, live band cruise, and the normal one. Of course, it has a fixed time for these three. Lucky for us, we were in time for the magic show cruise. Cost us 14 000 won per person (around RM38) It was quite entertaining, not bad.

All of them look so photogenic suddenly. 

Feeling tired and hungry, we went back to Myeongdong to have our dinner and do some light shopping. We found a barbecue restaurant near the subway exit. It's quite cheap for a dinner since most of the other restaurant costs more than like RM30 per person. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the restaurant! I just know it's near the subway exit and it's located on the second floor.  

Mmmm, porkkkkkk

No offence, but soju tasted like nail polish! Blueh!

Bad attempt on faking a nom nom bite.

Night life??

First day and we already bought so much. Skincare are such a steal here. It's like 50 % for everything!

End of Day 1. 

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  1. The awesome moment when everything becomes foreign in a foreign land..including bicycle lanes! Great pictures..;)