Day 12 : Siblings.

Dear Kuan Ze Zian.

I'm going to use your picture in this blog post. So yeah. :P

Recent photo of him and me. Penang trip!

And on our genting trip
and yes, this pic can also be seen on the left side of my blog. 

Damn chio with the gargantuan lolipop.

He's everything a normal girl would dream of lah basically. *Omg, I'm promoting my lil bro* Lemme tell you why.
  • Tall
  • Dark
  • Handsome
  • Luckily, he ain't the annoying talkative and immature type of people
  • A dork around family members and close friends
  • Sarcasm level is in par with me
  • Understand witty jokes that most people don't understand. 
  • VERY mature. For a kid his age. (We're kinda alike in this field.)
But hor.. the only flaw is this. Same like me, he's very damn blur, forgetful (suffering from Short Term Memory), doesn't know and/or likes to do chores. AT LEAST, I know how to wash my clothes, iron them and fold them properly. And fry eggs. 
Adik, belajar lah. You ingat you keluar belajar ada orang tolong u cuci baju meh.

Er hem. So yeah, that concludes it. 

Oh, btw, I have 3 younger step-brothers. 
This is the only picture I have with three of em together. Which is taken during Chinese New Year. 

Okay, toodles!

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