Seoul : Day 2 Namsangol hanok Village, N Seoul Tower

제 2 일.

Just a random coffee shop we stumbled by in the afternoon.

Namsangol Hanok Village

Children everywhere. I swear, we've been to so many places, and we did not miss the chance to see a group of kids running around for their school trips. How come their school days so fun!?? No need to study at school, keep going outside for trips trips trips. How come mine wasn't like that? *sobs* I only remember going to Ipoh and visiting a newspaper factory during my primary school. Booooooooooooooo!

I'm the only one who wants to take picture with that.. that thing. 

I love this shot. I look so much like a conqueror, no?? HAHAHA

I spot some gathering!

Maybe they are having their weekly meeting for sharing old grandmothers' stories or something. :P


Caution, please do no hurt the door with your head. Thank you.

Kena troll by the drinking water fountain
It attacked my face. *cries* I didn't observe the wet floor first before I press the button. Water was shooting out like a rocket. hew hew hew..

kids. I see kids everywhere.

The janitor was teaching the tourists how to play the Korean traditional game. Looks like our gasing game actually, but must hit it with a ribbon-like thing to make it keep spinning. 

Trying on Traditional Hanbok!



Camwhore post. Camwhore post. Camwhore post. 

Okay lah, I will end it here. End end. hahaha!

Tried korean streetfood. I do not know what it is called. Sorry. Aha! But it's common, can find it literally anywhere in the streets of Seoul.

Old lady face. The food was very hot nah. Btw, can you spot Lee Min Ho? 

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This candy is surprisingly easy to make actually. Can try it at home I guess. The only ingredient you need is sugar and baking soda.

Busy street of Seoul

Namdaemun Market

There's actually not much thing to buy here. We can only observe urm.. old people fashion and markets. The items are not really that cheap either. 

We found a particular store which is CROWDED though
Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of the food that they are selling! 

It looks something like this and it tastes like our chinese "Siao Long Bao" except it's bigger and there's not much soup for you to slurp on. Personally, it doesn't really taste like "awesome" to me but the queue was crazy and the aunties were buying at least a dozen.

So, to our next destination,
N Seoul Tower

The inclined lift to the tower


too dark to see weh

The way up 

Dave the photo bomber. Take 1

andddd take 2

Finally, no bomber.

Yeah, from the vending machine

Another cafe 

And here is the lover's paradise

No, not mine. I didn't lock anything that day. :P

Padlock tree! 

If you're wondering why they do it.. Well, here..

The idea of a lock as a symbol of love is a double-edged sword. Its a promise and commitment to being together, a vow to never separate. At the same time, it is also the end of freedom, a symbol of being caged in prison for the rest of your life. Fortunately for us, Seoulites has embraced the former much more than the latter.
This idea originated from local tourists a few years ago who saw the same thing at Tokyo Tower. Recently, it’s enjoying a renewal after two stars dated there in a popular reality show. Since then, locals flock the site, and international tourists have similarly embraced this novel idea.

Can see many funny shaped locks there. You can even put bicycle locks or even those huge metal chains one. HAHA! Uber funny! I wonder if there would be some mischievous freak trying to cut open the locks if they are given a chance to. XD

Churros! My fav snack in Seoul
And on the the inside! Teddy Bear Museum!
There's 2 parts. So many teddy bears. In my opinion, it's quite boring. Because I'm not really a big fan of teddy bears. 

The bears were moving actually


Oh, wise one~

If you've watched Goong, you'll probably recognize some of the bears here! :D

The view from the tower

The sceneries are so pwetttyyyyyyy!

And here is my favorite shot.
Somebody please put some quote and post it on tumblr or something. HAHA

The way back

Playing around with the public phone. XD

and finally dinnerrr...

BBQ again!

Oh, I'm hungry. X|

End of Day 2

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