7/8/13 Wen Sheng's bday

If you're afraid of anything that is lizard or gecko, please stop scrolling through this post right now. If you're my mum, I'm sorry, you may close this web browser right now. But I'll assume you will do that without reading this because of the picture above. Or maybe you'll end up sweeping your laptop off the table and onto the floor.

Actually it looks kinda pretty if you look at it up close. But Wen Sheng say it was suppose to be a little gold-ish colour, don't know why it became reddish.


Wherelse this feisty gecko wouldn't let anyone touch it. It kept on "gecking" (not a word, but I just made it myself. It means gecko noises. :P) at our fingers when it was close to it, even with the glass in between. 

There's even two Sugar Glider Joeys in the house! So cool! 
All of the critters are Wen Sheng's. We went to his house to hold a mini birthday celebration for him with just me and my boyfriend. Since it's my first time going there in awhile, I'm having fun meeting each and every one of his pets.. and also his pets' food. Do you know cockroaches breeds everyday?? No wonder you cannot kill them, because if you kill one, 5 will appear! There's even tarantulas and scorpions which of course, I dare not to touch.

The main star
Cake from RT House. Look how pretty and elegant it is!

image Make a wish image

Happy Birthday Wen Sheng, again! Hope you will achieve what you want and be happy always! And also good health forever.

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