Fun with food!

Even though it's the busiest time of the trimester, I can still laze around and not do any studying. That's me. My style. My horrible and sooner-or-later-gonna-doom-myself-with-this style. I'm glad i can spend my time baking and making foods though. It eases my problems away. (More like avoiding my problem. lol)

Last weekend, decided to make flourless pizza! 
Recipe was taken from Blogilates. Have you even heard of a flourless pizza?? It's super healthy and has much lesser calories from the normal pizza because of the absence of flour.

New species of banana. LOL
Pisang Cavendish Cauliflower as a substitute for the pizza crust.
You can customize with any ingredient for the pizza's top. We decided to follow with the recipe that Cassey has written and also an addition of some roasted mini chunk of pork. Since I can't find pizza sauce on the shelf of our supermarket, I used pasta sauce instead.

The outcome
I didn't put enough oil! So the pizza was sticking to the pan and also the pizza crust was not as I expected. I thought it would came out like a normal pizza crust but no, it kinda felt like I was holding a very fragile omelette. The cauliflower mix had a lot of water after steaming it though. Maybe that's the problem. But other than that, it was delicious! My boyfriend didn't like it though, complained about the strong cauliflower smell that he didn't like. Every time I decided to make something for him, it's either he don't like the ingredient or I just failed in making the food. 

On Sunday, Yi Xin invited me to make fruit tarts with her! There were so many recipes to choose from but in the end we end up choosing this recipe. Honestly, both of us didn't read much first before the making process. We just did it when we got our hands on the ingredients. Turns out it needs a LOT of work. We had to refrigerate it before shaping it and freeze it before we bake it. 

Big gummy bear design for fruit tarts!

You can actually see what kind of person we are by looking at the fruit tart design. Mine was scattered around (signifies I'm a very messy person) and Yi Xin's fruit tart was very well-organized. Hahaha! 
The crust was a bit fragile but it was really good. (Burnt some of the it but doesn't matter, still delicious) Even put apple in it because we had some in stock. So weird. 
I ate like 4 of it, tasted soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddd.

Happy with the result!

I was suppose to get back home on Monday to attend my lab classes. But....... ended up playing truancy and stayed for another day in Seremban. All because of these~

Almond cookies

This time with real pizza crust and not the flourless kind. It was definitely a success! 
The pizza dough flour mix was actually pre-made and was already in a nice packaging. Only needed to add water and yeast into it, knead it like there is no tomorrow and then jjang jjang~! Easier and it was much more convenient.

Made some more tart crust for the remaining filling. This time, we followed another recipe that didn't call for any freezing before the baking process. Much more easier to handle honestly, but gotta sacrifice the taste.

So sad, I forgot to take some home with me when I was leaving. *sobs*
Can't wait until the next baking session! I wonder what we'll make next time... 

But now, I'm super stuck with my Mini Project report and the circuit. So much has happened in a day. Encountered more problems in the end when I was trying to upgrade the software, and now our circuit is not working. Presentation and submission is on Monday. ****!! !@#%#$^@#$ God help us please. 

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